The SaddleBrooke Republican Club is one of the largest Republican Clubs in the Country with 900+ members. The Club has been instrumental in helping several conservative Republican candidates get elected to public office.

The mission of the SaddleBrooke Republican Club is to promote the conservative Republican Party principles within the SaddleBrooke and neighboring communities and to:

1. Help outstanding Conservative Republican Candidates get elected to Local, State and National positions.

2. Aggressively support the campaigns of these Candidates after the primary process.

3. Take action to influence the policies of the Republican Party and elected officials in accordance with our Conservative Principles.

4. Educate our members about the issues affecting our lives. These include Voter Education events, and monthly meetings with candidates and our elected officials and current information on our web site.

Our Conservative Principles

We support smaller Government, smaller national debt, lower deficits and lower taxes by opposing Bills like Obama’s “Stimulus” Bill.

We support market-based healthcare reform and oppose Obama-style Government-run healthcare.

We support market-based energy reforms by opposing Cap-and Trade legislation.

We support workers’ right to secret ballot by opposing Card Check. We support legal immigration and assimilation into American society by opposing amnesty for illegal immigrants.

We support containment of Iran and North Korea, particularly effective action to eliminate their nuclear weapons threat.

We support protecting the lives of vulnerable persons by opposing healthcare rationing and denial of healthcare and Government funding of abortion.