The ‘heat’ in the room at the August SaddleBrooke Republican Club monthly meeting did not seep in from the scorching August afternoon.  The ‘heat’ was generated by the enthusiasm of every single person in the room as they prepared to cast their vote in the August primaries!! 

The four letter word for the month of August resounded and pierced the stifling heat – that word was VOTE – VOTE- Vote!!!!!

Jorge Rivas and his  son, George, shared a heart  rending story of the battle Jorge’s father fought to protect his right to vote in the threatening shadow of the Guerillas in his native country of El Salvador.  His touching story commanded a standing ovation as it emphasized the importance of honoring our freedom to vote as Americans. 

Bruce Ash, the Arizona Representative to the National Republican Committee, delivered a passionate plea for all Republican voters to support the Republican candidates who would represent them in the November election after winning their primary challenge. SaddleBrooke Republican Club members left the meeting with a determined dedication to support and vote for our Republican candidates in the November election!!