Open Positions for two year term from 2021-2022:

  • President

  • Treasurer

  • Director of Programs

  • Director of Membership

  • Director of Events

Procedure and timeline for applying as a candidate for a position on the SaddleBrooke Republican Club Board of Directors, between March through September:

  1. Submit a resume indicating which position you are applying for and list your background information as well as your qualifications for this position send your application via mail to
  2. A list of the criteria for candidates applying for a position on the Board of Directors will be available on the Website, in each Newsletter and by request from the Chair of the Vetting Committee, Ken Zebal.
  3. The Vetting Committee will review all resumes and compile a list of qualified potential candidates by office.  A member of the Vetting Committee will contact the potential candidates in person and possibly request a personal interview.
  4. The Vetting Committee will submit the final list of qualified candidates to the President.
  5. The President will make the list of eligible candidates with brief biographies available to the members of the SBRC before the end of September.
  6. During the October General Meeting, the President will offer each candidate present five minutes to address the club membership. Candidates may distribute their own literature.
  7. At the November General Meeting an election will be held using closed ballot at the beginning of the membership meeting.  The ballots will be collected and moved to a separate location near the membership meeting.  The ballots will be counted by the Club Secretary and one person who is not running for office in the presence of two club volunteers.  At the conclusion of the membership meeting the President will announce the results of the ballot count.


From our bylaws...