Is there an emergency at the southern border of the United States? 

Over 225 members of the SaddleBrooke Republican Club packed the Ballroom at the Mountain View Country Club to discover the answer to that very question which is the ‘hot button’ issue in the political arena.  The keynote speaker, Art Del Cueto, President of Local 254 representing the Border agents, rattled off crucial statistics in rapid order to clarify the answer to that question.  He shared the fact that 48% of all the drugs coming across the border enter the United States through the border in Arizona!! 

Art Del Cueto responds to over 90% of all significant incidents in the Tucson sector involving shootings, drugs and agent assaults.  He stressed that even though the statistics list the same number of border agents – many agents have been reassigned to jobs in the interior of the country – shrinking the number of agents at the border.  Every incident that our keynote speaker, Art Del Cueto, illuminated spoke to support the statement:  ‘There is an emergency at the southern border which needs to be addressed.” 

Art Del Cueto encouraged the members to write and call their representatives in Congress stressing his firm belief that the responsibility to solve this dilemma falls at the feet of Congress!!  

A standing ovation from the audience filled the room with the echo of appreciation for the mesmerizing, engaging speaker, Art Del Cueto, who dedicates his life to provide safety at the border. 

— Photos taken by Bill George, Official Photographer for the SBRC‘.

Patricia Tarner, President