SaddleBrooke Republican Club March Meeting

Garrett Lewis, Tucson’s Great Communicator, lit up the Mountain View Ballroom during the SaddleBrooke Republican Club March Meeting flashing an encompassing smile tinged with mischief accompanied by eyes that sparkled with unveiled delight.

Garrett, the conservative morning talk show host of The Morning Ritual found at 790 on the dial, was in his element as he literally chatted from behind the podium with his enthusiastic audience.   Garrett opened briefly sharing information about his professional career and tidbits of his personal life.  Then he moved on to his favorite subject of politics – a subject that earns him huge engaged audiences for three hours on his radio show every morning. Then the Great Communicator opened the floor for questions from his audience which touched endlessly on a variety of inquiries that kept both Garret and the packed room entertained as well as informed for over an hour. The time flew by and it was obvious that the friendship that had formed between Garret and his audience was one that was reluctant to see the meeting end.  Garret’s parting words were , “ This was fun. I’d come back anytime.”  The parting words of the SaddleBrooke Republican Club were, “You are welcome anytime, Garret Lewis.”

Patricia Tarner