Motivate and educate!! –echoed loudly and clearly at the SaddleBrooke Republican Club October General Meeting 


The keynote speaker, Justin Olson, appointed to the Corporate Commission by Governor Ducey, delivered a high powered, flawless run down of all of the Republican candidates running for office in Arizona as well as at the National level.  He stressed the amazing dedication to conservative principles of every highly qualified candidate and motivated the members to be sure to VOTE Republican at every level on the ballot. 

Sally Henry educated the audience in favor of Proposition 305 and Lyndy Smith educated members on the need to vote against Proposition 127.

Representative Vince Leach (presently running for the Arizona Senate) continued the education phase of the meeting with ‘The Golden Ticket’ – an aid for members to take into the ballot box with them as they vote. 

Club members were treated to a portion of an interview that Wendy Rogers (currently running for the U.S. House of Representatives) had on Breitbart. 

Pinal County Chair Michael Burke capped off the afternoon with a rousing motivational encouragement for SaddleBrooke Republican Club members to be sure to vote the pure Republican ticket!!!!

Patricia Tarner, SaddleBrooke Republican Club President