Dan Culver, President

Thank you for visiting the SaddleBrooke Republican Club Website! We are proud that our SBRC (Club) has sustained an active membership since it began in 2006; and continues as one of the largest Republican Clubs in America. Today we are pleased to report that our dues paying members represent more than 10% or registered Republicans in the SaddleBrooke communities; and our meetings are open to both members and non members!

As we begin 2022, there are tremendous challenges Republicans and Conservatives must face to rescue our Republic from the disastrous leadership of Left Wing and Socialist viewpoints! Many people are frustrated, confused, experiencing divisions of racial attitudes driven by enemies from within and without our borders. Federal spending is beyond measure and comprehension! We cannot give up! We must rally together across this country and take back our Nation! We will not be defeated! It is time for everyone of us to get involved!

And Ladies and Gentlemen, please take heart that, as did our forefathers and so shall we, seeking God’s help to venerate the wish George Washington left with us, “No People can be bound to acknowledge and adore the Invisible Hand that conducts the affairs of men more than those of the United States.” Our tool must be the ballot box; and with HIs assistance, we shall succeed to restore our Constitution and our Country!

At 2022, SBRC General Meetings, your Club will be bringing you the public figures from whom we must chose our Republican Candidates! First in the Primary Election August 2nd and then in the National General Election November 8th! We must resolve collectively to strongly support the results of our Primary Election in November! Both State and National seats are vital!

As did our Past President, Patricia Tarner, so do I and your current Board of Directors, invite your attendance at monthly meetings and your interaction with fellow Conservatives. We welcome Independents and any seeking to sustain our National heritage!

In 2022, we meet January 5th at the Mountain View Country Club Ballroom at 3:30 PM; and every Second Tuesday of the month thereafter at the same time in the Desert View Theater! We are also planning special luncheons to increase your knowledge of the leading candidates.

If you can help in any way or have suggestions, please call or contact me at 334-202-6458 or danielculver100@aol.com

Daniel Culver