Our club is one of the largest Republican Clubs in America. We are located North of Tucson, AZ, in the community of SaddleBrooke. Click on the boxes below for more information. If you change your email address please click here so that we can keep you informed!  Watch video of November 12th meeting.  

The first three meetings of 2015 will be on the first Wednesday of the month:  January 7, February 4, and March 4.

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  • Ted Cruz versus Jeb Walker-Bee January 28, 2015
    We heard an incredible speech at the Iowa Freedom Summit from Scott Walker about his fight over Public Unions in Wisconsin.  As Scott Walker put it, he went “Big and he went Bold”.  Despite people on the ground and the... The post Ted Cruz versus Jeb Walker-Bee appeared first on Conservative Report.
    Will Stauff
  • Conservatives Fill the Gap Despite GOP Retreat January 26, 2015
    In following up on a January 2015 article entitled, “Conservative #Victory & Future: Defeating Republicrats”, the new Republicans in Congress held a retreat at a plush resort hosted in Pennsylvania. An event reported to be a fence-mending effort to get all Republicans on board... The post Conservatives Fill the Gap Despite GOP Retreat appeared first on Conservative Report.
    James Dick
  • Ted Cruz: Defeating the Media January 25, 2015
    How many times have you watched a left wing anchor host a Republican on CNN, MSNBC, CBS or NBC news, and as the interview proceeds you grow more & more angry or uncomfortable? I’ve been there a million times. We... The post Ted Cruz: Defeating the Media appeared first on Conservative Report.
    Will Stauff
  • ISLAMIC TERRORISM: Jindal Calls It What It Is January 21, 2015
    Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana is a young Governor who isn’t getting much play from the press these days as a potential Republican Presidential candidate. The mainstream & cable news continually remind us of Jindal’s “poorly received” (by unscientific online... The post ISLAMIC TERRORISM: Jindal Calls It What It Is appeared first on Conservative Report.
    James Dick
  • Martin Luther King Jr: What Would He Say? January 19, 2015
    The celebration of the birthday and the life of the late Martin Luther King, Jr. on the national holiday honoring him is the perfect opportunity to ponder what Dr. King would say about current day American race relations. The man... The post Martin Luther King Jr: What Would He Say? appeared first on Conservative Report.
    James Dick
  • Winner Take All: Can Ted Cruz Past March? January 18, 2015
    Steve Deace put together an article that would put a knot in any conservative’s stomach for 2016, especially Ted Cruz. In 2012 the rules were changed at the convention to pave the way for the Establishment for 2016. Here’s what Steve... The post Winner Take All: Can Ted Cruz Past March? appeared first on Conservative Report.
    Will Stauff

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  • Contact these Virginia Legislators NOW! January 31, 2015
    They may not be your Legislators, but this will make a difference in your life! Check it out: Here are the wonderful senators and delegates who have a chance to make history by supporting an application that’s coming up this … Continue reading →
    Conservative Byte
  • Donald Trump Takes ‘Full Credit’ for Mitt Romney’s Decision Not to Run January 31, 2015
    Would it be accurate to say that Trump isn’t a people person? Check it out: There were a lot of great reactions on Twitter to Mitt Romney’s announcement that he will not be seeking the 2016 GOP presidential nomination. But … Continue reading →
    Conservative Byte
  • ICE: Transgender Illegals Guaranteed ‘Right To Hormone Therapy’ In Detention January 31, 2015
    Wait… what? This is beyond ridiculous. So not only are we dealing with people who shouldn’t be here, but we also have to deal with this fake mental condition. Unreal. Check it out: An official with U.S. Immigration and Customs … Continue reading →
    Conservative Byte
  • GOP fume over ex-Gitmo inmate’s Taliban outreach, WH says no regrets January 31, 2015
    This was the worst deal ever and Obama still wants to say we did the right thing. Check it out: Outraged Republicans pointed to claims that one of five former Guantanamo prisoners traded for American Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl tried to … Continue reading →
    Conservative Byte

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  • Walker Steps Up Moves Toward 2016 January 30, 2015
    After a rousing performance in last weekend’s Iowa festival in which he largely put to bed concerns over a lack of charisma, Scott Walker is stepping up his efforts toward 2016. In a move similar…
    Conservative Intel
  • Cook: The Republican Presidential Bracket January 30, 2015
    Few people believe the Republican presidential primary fight will be decided quickly. Indeed some political analysts predict it could be the longest in more than a generation despite RNC efforts to limit the number of…
    Conservative Intel
  • Democrats Stall Keystone in the Senate January 28, 2015
    After weeks of intense debate and legislative jockeying, Democrats in the Senate succeeded in defeating a vote to end debate on the controversial Keystone Pipeline bill which is expected to be passed and ultimately vetoed…
    Conservative Intel
  • Rubio Drops More Hints on White House Decision January 28, 2015
    A week after instructing his staff to “proceed as though he’s running for president”, Sen. Marco Rubio continues to add to the momentum in that direction ahead of what looks to be a mass announcement…
    Conservative Intel

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  • Paradise Republican Women February Meeting:Loren Spivak, "The Free Market Warrior" January 30, 2015
    PARADISE REPUBLICAN WOMEN Dynamic Republican Women   Making a Difference!February Lunch MeetingSaturday,February 14, 2015Valentine's Day Gainey Ranch Golf Club7600 E Gainey Club Drive, Scottsdale, AZ 85258   Special Guest: The Free Market Warrior Loren Spivak  Mr. Spivak will make the case that capitalism is the victim of environmental extremists who destroy prosperity without achieving even their own goals. He is […]
  • Good Vibrations by Ron Ludders January 21, 2015
    In a few short days, we'll be electing/re-electing the AzGOP chairman for the next two years.Ron Ludders with BarbaraAs many of you know I'm a supporter of Robert Graham because of his positive, up beat nature and because he has advanced the AzGOP light years ahead in just two years, bringing $$$, youth, minorities and technologies […]