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District 11 Legislators

As residents of Legislative District 11 we are fortunate to have these three legislators taking care of our business in Phoenix. These gentlemen have worked tirelessly for us. You would do your Club and yourselves a great service to join us so we all may hear how our legislature gets things done. How these three men […]

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  • Go Fund Me NOT Bans Christians for Govt Religion April 26, 2015
    Alms-giving is considered an essential duty for all Christians. No matter what branch one adheres to; whether Catholic, Methodist, Evangelical, Baptist, Free-range, Episcopalian or Lutheran, we are called on to give at least ten percent to charity. But what happens... The post Go Fund Me NOT Bans Christians for Govt Religion appeared first on Conservative […]
    Patrick S. Read
  • #CRLive Sunday: Honoring America’s Fallen Heroes April 24, 2015
    A loving dog mourning over a lost master is a truly sad sight, but not nearly so tragic as a father, mother, husband or wife and family that has lost their beloved. One of America’s fallen heroes who volunteered to... The post #CRLive Sunday: Honoring America’s Fallen Heroes appeared first on Conservative Report.
    James Dick
  • DEMS Malice to Some: Carter Meets Hamas, Spurns Israel April 23, 2015
    As if he doesn’t know who issues military orders, the Commander in Chief also stated he isn’t even aware of every military operation, specifically counter-terrorism. Simultaneously, Democrats are revealing the hateful underbelly of so-called “tough decisions” regarding foreign policy. One... The post DEMS Malice to Some: Carter Meets Hamas, Spurns Israel appeared first on Conservative […]
    Patrick S. Read
  • Coward of Ramadi: Dempsey Maligns Military Sacrifice April 23, 2015
    We Americans love our military personnel and we have great respect for leaders, those with the courage and conviction to do what they must in quick order despite the daunting odds they must encounter. In the face recent comments made... The post Coward of Ramadi: Dempsey Maligns Military Sacrifice appeared first on Conservative Report.
    James Dick
  • #BostonBombing: Pro-Life Death Penalty, Protect Society April 21, 2015
    The death penalty can be compliant with the right to life, especially in those rare but increasingly more frequent exceptions, when anything less than capital punishment would risk even more innocent human life to the same heinous act. An obvious... The post #BostonBombing: Pro-Life Death Penalty, Protect Society appeared first on Conservative Report.
    Patrick S. Read
  • 2016: Rich Diversity of #GOP Vs. Yesterday DEMS April 18, 2015
    Even with leaving some big names off of the list of 2016 primary candidates, taking a lot for granted & exposing their own prejudice, the mainstream media continues questioning “what party has a more diverse field for the Presidential Election?”... The post 2016: Rich Diversity of #GOP Vs. Yesterday DEMS appeared first on Conservative Report.
    Patrick S. Read

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  • George W. Bush Bashes Obama on Middle East April 27, 2015
    I hope he continues to speak out about Obama. But I doubt he will do this publicly. Check it out: In a closed-door meeting with ...
    Conservative Byte
  • Bruce Jenner: ‘I’m Not Gay’ April 27, 2015
    So he wants to be a she. And also likes women. Women who like women are lesbians and considered gay. But of course we’re not ...
    Conservative Byte
  • The DNA Deniers In The Media April 27, 2015
    Liberals only want to hear about feelings. Unchanging facts do not matter to liberals. Every sinner thinks their feelings make them right. Check it out: ...
    Conservative Byte
  • The LEFT wants facts, but just THEIR facts! April 27, 2015
    Just like how they like to say they are pro-choice, but only when you agree with their choice. Typical liberals. Check it out: This week ...
    Conservative Byte

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  • W Breaks Silence on O April 27, 2015
    Since leaving the White House in January of 2009, former President George W. Bush has continued the tradition followed by most outgoing chief executives and refrained from publicly criticizing his successor. Notable exceptions to the rule have been marked by outspoken criticism from Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, who both have been quoted numerous times […]
    Conservative Intel
  • GOP Hopefuls Descend on Iowa Summit April 27, 2015
    Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition’s annual forum was held this weekend in Waukee, Iowa, in which nine of the prospective Republican presidential nominees paraded across the stage in hopes of wooing the all-critical evangelical vote ahead of the Iowa Caucuses early next year. Dropping buzz-words and money-lines were current and former Govs. Rick Perry, Bobby […]
    Conservative Intel
  • Russian Hackers Read Obama Emails April 27, 2015
    New details have emerged concerning the revelation last month that Russian hackers had gained access to sensitive information both in the White House and at the State Department. Contrary to the Administration’s reports that no information was leaked, according to Fox News, new details reveal that hackers possibly gained access to President Obama’s emails. According […]
    Conservative Intel
  • Gay Marriage Fight Reaches Supreme Court Again April 27, 2015
    Whether states have the authority to define marriage has been debated for years and has again worked its way to the Supreme Court. 36 states currently permit gay marriage, a large number compared to two a mere decade ago. The Supreme Court will hear oral argument for both sides this Tuesday, April 28th. People have […]
    Conservative Intel

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  • AZGOP Executive Committee Report April 22, 2015
    Important Results from AZGOP Executive Committee MeetingWe had a long and productive AZGOP Executive Committee meeting this weekend. Even though you should be receiving reports at your next LD or County meeting from the members of the Executive Committee and your respective LD Chairmen, I wanted to make sure details of what we discussed and […]
  • Arizona Representative Kate Brophy McGee 2015 Session Wrap-Up April 21, 2015
    Session Wrap-Up Kate Brophy McGeeThe 52nd Legislature wrapped up its first session in record time. New legislation will take effect July 3. We passed laws forwarding businesses like Uber, Lyft and Microbreweries and thankfully provided Arizonans the option to obtain a REAL ID for uninterrupted air travel come 2016. My focus this session was education, […]