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Our club is one of the largest Republican Clubs in America. We are located North of Tucson, AZ, in the community of SaddleBrooke. Click on the boxes below for more information. If you change your email address please click here so that we can keep you informed!  

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Speaker Dave Gowan and Representative Montenegro – Arizona State Legislature

David Gowan was first elected to the Arizona House of Representatives in 2009. He resides in Sierra Vista in Legislative District 14, which encompasses all of Cochise County, all of Greenlee County, most of Graham County, and the Eastside of Pima County. David was honored to be elected by the Republican Caucus in December to […]

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  • Grimm Reminder: No Lynch for #PPact’s Organ Cartel? July 30, 2015
    Last week, in the wake of Planned Parenthood (@PPact on twitter) being exposed for organ trafficking & its grotesque motive of unfettered profiteering, US Attorney General Loretta Lynch stated, “cyber crime is what keeps (me) up at night.” Not pre-planned... The post Grimm Reminder: No Lynch for #PPact’s Organ Cartel? appeared first on Conservative Report.
    Patrick S. Read
  • Using Cruz & Trump Momentum to #FireBoehner July 30, 2015
    It’s time to strike while the iron is hot folks.   Donald Trump has exposed the soft underbelly of the GOP leadership by telling the truth about the rapists, murderers, gang members and drug cartels that are coming over the... The post Using Cruz & Trump Momentum to #FireBoehner appeared first on Conservative Report.
    Will Stauff
  • #GOPprimary: Ted Cruz Trumps Trump July 27, 2015
    Like many conservatives who support Ted Cruz I’m very glad Donald Trump is doing what he is doing.  I’ve run into other conservatives who have joined the RINO bandwagon, tearing apart Trump’s ideology and wealth.  I think going after Trump’s... The post #GOPprimary: Ted Cruz Trumps Trump appeared first on Conservative Report.
    Will Stauff
  • Scott Hofstra @ictalkback, #KYgov Race: @MattBevin Rising July 23, 2015
    Scott Hofstra is the Spokesperson for the United Kentucky Tea Party & Chairman of Central Kentucky Tea Party Patriots.  He’s been a solid fighter for Matt Bevin.  I sat down with him to get a feel for how the Governor’s... The post Scott Hofstra @ictalkback, #KYgov Race: @MattBevin Rising appeared first on Conservative Report.
    Will Stauff
  • #JamesHolmes, #DylanRoof: Pro-Life Death Penalty, Protect Society July 16, 2015
    Originally published 4/21/2015. Republished 7/17/2015. by Patrick Read. The death penalty can be compliant with the right to life, especially in those rare but increasingly more frequent exceptions, when anything less than capital punishment would risk even more innocent human... The post #JamesHolmes, #DylanRoof: Pro-Life Death Penalty, Protect Society appeared first on Conservative Report.
    Patrick S. Read
  • Profile of Jordan Debbink (@JDebbink6): Winning Millennials July 8, 2015
    Recently I had an opportunity to sit down with our friend, author Jordan Debbink, who has been politically active and spiritually motivated for over a decade. Jordan has recently published a new book detailing the state of governors in America,... The post Profile of Jordan Debbink (@JDebbink6): Winning Millennials appeared first on Conservative Report.
    Will Stauff

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  • GOPAC Chairman Predicts: GOP Race Will Be Over On March 1 July 31, 2015
    David Avella, Chairman of GOPAC, is making a bold prediction ahead of the first Fox News debate: the Republican nominee will be decided no later than March 1 of next year. It’s a claim that runs counter to the prevailing wisdom that argues the wider the field the longer the fight. And with 17 candidates […]
    Conservative Intel
  • Report: Hillary Emails Included ‘Hundreds’ of Secrets July 31, 2015
    A report delivered this week to House and Senate intelligence committees by an inspector general for the intelligence community is warning that potentially hundreds of classified secrets were transmitted via Hillary Clinton’s private email server. Among the 30,000 emails reviewed by the IG’s office, none them offered any special protection or indication of sensitive content […]
    Conservative Intel
  • Fox News Published Debate Rules July 31, 2015
    With only six days remaining until the first GOP primary debate, Fox News has released some preliminary guidelines for what we should expect to see. The lineup on-stage will feature candidates according to their polling numbers just ahead of the debate, which means at present Donald Trump has control of center stage. The lowest polling […]
    Conservative Intel
  • Poll Shows Rand Gaining in Spite of Media’s Attacks July 30, 2015
    Many in the Washington beltway would like to downgrade Rand Paul’s presidential chances – and not without motive. He’s an outsider unlikely to bend to the wishes of DC or lobbying interests and he wants to seriously shrink government, i.e. his election would do the most to eliminate many of the jobs in – and […]
    J. Cal Davenport

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  • AZGOP Needs Volunteers to Clean UP Yard August 1, 2015
    AZGOP wants you to do yard work for PANCAKES.Fellow Republicans,We need help with some early-morning landscaping at the 24th St headquarters this Saturday (Aug 1). We've already painted the building and put up new signage but have a lot of gravel to spread and some holes to dig for new plants. We'll get started at […]
  • Invitation to 1st Presidential Debate August 6, 2015 July 31, 2015
    Invite to 1st Presidential Debate by Barbara Espinosa